Catering Menus

Planning your next event will be easy when you let the creative catering staff at Suncoast assist you with all of the arrangements. With our flexible meeting and banquet space, we can handle everything from sit-down dinners for 25 to cocktail parties for 1,500.
1. A Catering deposit, based on Food & Beverage requirements, is required no later than ten (10) days from date of contracting. 75% of function charges are due Twenty-one (21) days prior to the scheduled event(s). Full function prepayment is required Three (3) days prior to the scheduled event. Direct billing application must be completed and submitted no less than thirty (30) days prior to your first event. In the event of Direct Billing denial, standard prepayment policies will apply.

2. In the event of cancellation, less than sixty (60) days from the scheduled event date, the deposit and any payments are non-refundable, unless otherwise stated in the contract.

3. Function rooms, room rental costs, food and beverage minimums are determined according to the anticipated number of guests at time of booking. Client must reconfirm number of guests no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event. Any increase or decrease in number of guests will be accommodated based on space availability. Function room assignments are subject to change, and at the sole discretion of the Hotel.

4. All package/box deliveries to the Hotel must be addressed as follows:

Attn: Hotel Catering/Sales Representative
Event Name & Arrival Date
The Suncoast Hotel & Casino
9090 Alta Drive
Las Vegas, NV. 89145

Boxes should be addressed to The Hotel Catering/Sales representative. Shipments are to be sent no more than 1-week prior to the event. All packages/boxes received for your group (individual, attendees, or vendors) are subject to shipping/handling charges, as follows:

Letter $2.00 0-15 Pounds $5.00 16-30 Pounds $10.00 31-50 Pounds $15.00 51-100 Pounds $20.00 101 Pounds and over $0.25 Per Pound. These charges will be coordinated through the business center.

All shipments requiring delivery to the Convention area are subject to a $1.00 per item handling fee. Client's on-site contact is responsible for scheduling delivery of materials to group's designated function room, prior to the event. Client is responsible for the shipment of materials with the Business Center at the conclusion of the event(s), as well as any shipping charges incurred.

5. Hotel assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or injury that may occur to the client, guests, attendees or outside agencies retained by client, or their property from any cause whatsoever. Unless Hotel, or it's employees have been grossly negligent and client, guest, or outside agencies have not been contributory negligent.

6. Client is responsible for reimbursement to The Suncoast for any damages done to the Hotel during the event, including costs for excessive clean-up made necessary by guests, attendees, florists, decorations, or other outside agencies retained by the client. The Hotel will not permit the affixing of any object to the walls, floors or ceilings of rooms, by nails, staples, tape, or any other substance, unless prior approval by the Suncoast Catering Department.

7. Signage, banners and displays are permitted only in designated Hotel areas. All signage, banners, etc., must be professionally printed. The Hotel will assist in placement. Depending on labor and equipment involved, a labor charge may apply. Set-up and teardown of all signage must be prearranged with the Catering Department.

8. The Hotel prohibits Food & Beverage from outside sources with the exception being wedding cakes, which are subjected to a $2.50 per person service charge, plus tax and gratuity. Wine corkage fees are $10.00 per bottle, plus tax and gratuity and must be preapproved. No Food & Beverage can be removed from the premises for reasons including Health Safety.

9. Banquet menu pricing is subject to change without notice, unless the Catering menu has been signed and contracted.

10. All plated meals with a guaranteed number of guests below fifty (50) persons, are subject to a $200.00 room rental fee and/or a $5.00 per person surcharge, plus tax and gratuity. All buffets with a guaranteed number of guests below fifty (50) persons are subject to a $200.00 Room Rental fee and/or a $5.00 per person surcharge, plus tax and gratuity..

11. Alcoholic beverages may not be served to anyone less than twenty one (21) years of age. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcoholic beverages at any time.

12. Prior to 12:00 p.m., three (3) working days prior to your scheduled event date, client is required to provide the guaranteed number of guests in attendance. If a final guarantee is not provided, the number of guests specified on the Banquet Event Order will be considered the final guarantee. The Suncoast will prepare 3% above the final guarantee.

13. At the Hotel's discretion, Security may be required for your event. Security must be arranged by The Suncoast Security Department. Client is responsible for charges. Outside Security is prohibited.

14. Power, lighting, and staging requirements must be submitted in writing thirty (30) days prior to your event. Applicable charges will apply.

15. The Suncoast Hotel must provide all Audio Visual Equipment utilized for your group's event(s). Prior approval by the Catering Department is required for any outside Audio Visual equipment, and may be subject to an A/V Service Charge, which will be quoted by The Suncoast Catering Department.