Peng Zu

Temporarily Closed
How does one live for 800 years? How does one continue to look good in the mirrors?
Long long ago, there was a man named Peng Zu. Listen to his story, I beg you.
He was known for his cooking - with herbs and spices he was always working.
He cooked up a nutritious soup that could aid any ail in just one scoop.
Emperor Qianlong stated its worth: "It's the #1 Soup on Earth!"
It was truly delicious and truly nutritious.
His story we cherish. May his recipe never perish.
We guard it with care, and use it as inspiration for all the food we prepare.
So enjoy with delight, and savor every last bite.

This contemporary Asian restaurant features dinner favorites prepared fresh to order. Enjoy everything from Egg Rolls, Pot Stickers, and Edamame to Wok Fried Favorites, Noodles, Fried Rice Dishes, and House Specialties. Celebrate the legend of Peng Zu with the truly delicious and truly nutritious soup that can help you to live 800 years!

Phone Number: (702) 636-7111

Cuisine: Asian